My Dialogue on Mental Health!

I’ve got an exciting update for my readers! For the first time, I am appearing on video discussing my faith. I will be part of a panel discussion happening on the Adherent Apologetics YouTube channel on July 31st at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. This is the first time I will be speaking on an online platform with this degree of publicity. I’m quite excited about the opportunity, and want to take some time to promote Zac, the man who runs Adherent Apologetics and graciously invited me to join in this discussion.

Zac Sechler is an honors student at Liberty, still an undergraduate, and yet has been able to run a YouTube channel that now has more than 200 videos, interviews, and discussions. I’ve been following this channel for some time, and Zac’s openness to changing his mind and willingness to interact with people who disagree with him – including atheistic/agnostic professors – is admirable. I’ve spoken with Zac, and greatly enjoyed our conversation. We have many similar goals, and after our conversation, he not only offered me the chance to participate in a livestream on his channel, he also graciously made me a co-author on his own WordPress blog (see end for a link). I hope to have an article published on his website within the next month or so.

The discussion in this livestream will center around mental health from the perspective of Gen-Z followers of Jesus (I’m somewhere on the border of the Millennial and Gen-Z generations myself). For background for my readers, I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and have taken daily medication for this disorder since I was approximately eight or nine years old. I also have experience with what I normally call borderline major depressive disorder (aka borderline depression) and borderline post-traumatic stress disorder (aka borderline PTSD). When I say borderline, I mean that while I was never diagnosed with these disorders by a professional, I am about as sure as I can be that there are stages in my life when I would have been diagnosed with both of these if I had sought help. Furthermore, I still exhibit moderated versions of those symptoms to this day, in large part as a long-term side-effect of a past involving emotional abuse. In this discussion, each participant will go into some of their mental health history, how we see our mental health struggles in light of our Christian belief, and how we think the church at large can help with these very real problems.

I hope those of you who read this by the evening of July 31st will attend the livestream, and that those of you who read this after it has already passed will still click on the link and listen to the discussion we’ve had. I hope to publish a reflection on this discussion sometime in mid-August, so keep your eyes out for that as well.

God bless, and thank you to everyone who checks out the livestream!

Link for the Livestream:

Link for the Adherent Apologetics Blog:

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