About the Blog

My name is Will Craig. I am currently a Ph.D student at the University of Virginia, studying mathematics and focusing on number theory. I am a teaching assistant, and work one-on-one frequently with students in various levels of math courses.

I enjoy learning about many other disciplines when I can, particularly math history, philosophy, theology, physics and psychology. I also marched sousaphone for football and basketball games at Virginia Tech, and enjoy running, golf, and basketball. I have been a student leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and am a member of the editorial board of the Bearings Journal at the University of Virginia.

Questions or Comments?

Let’s talk! Feel free to email me at mathematicalapologist@gmail.com or use the form below for any questions about the blog, suggestions for future posts, solutions to the math challenges, or anything else related to the blog or to math in general.

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