Updates and Future of Blog in 2021

We are in a new year! Praise be to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ for carrying each of us through such a trying year. I pray that everybody reading this might be reassured and revitalized by God’s hand through the Holy Spirit and that all may find life in His name. IContinue reading “Updates and Future of Blog in 2021”

What is Living with ADHD Like?

I write about a wide variety of interests and issues on my blog. Most recently, I’ve been writing about calculus and general facts about academic argumentation and logic that are helpful for both day-to-day thinking and big picture questions. I’m also in the beginning of a long reading project that will eventually lead to aContinue reading “What is Living with ADHD Like?”

My Dialogue on Mental Health!

I’ve got an exciting update for my readers! For the first time, I am appearing on video discussing my faith. I will be part of a panel discussion happening on the Adherent Apologetics YouTube channel on July 31st at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. This is the first time I will be speaking on an onlineContinue reading “My Dialogue on Mental Health!”

Dealing with Loneliness

While writing this, the world has been in quarantine for more than a month now – at least it has been more than a month where I am. We are all dealing with quite a lot of loneliness. We cannot see our loved ones as much as we normally do. In a time or crisis,Continue reading “Dealing with Loneliness”

Standing Firm in Suffering

I sit down to write this on the morning of April 16th, 2020. We are about one month into the global-scale shutdown due to the COVID-19 virus. There has been so much disruption. Lives are being saved, we are doing what must be done… but the cost is high. There is a lot of sufferingContinue reading “Standing Firm in Suffering”

My Testimony

A lot of what I hope to write on this site will be about mathematics and it’s history, as these topics form my career and are one of the great passions of my life. I also plan to write about other passions that I’ve developed over time, which include mental health and philosophy. Now, IContinue reading “My Testimony”